Hospital Solutions

It is possible to decrease energy consumption by 25 % in hospitals.

Sağlık Merkezi Çözümleri
Hospitals and all kinds of clinics are very crowded places where safety and hygiene are the main concerns.  As a result hospitals are subjected to very strict laws and legislations. For example the temperature of the operation room should be kept constant at a certain degree or emergency room’s temperature should not exceed a certain temperature.

Safety and hygiene obligations, comprehensive range of electrical devices that are used frequently brings huge energy consumptions. Main energy consumption occurs in:

  • HVAC systems
  • Sickrooms
  • Operation rooms
  • Lighting facilities
  • Emergency rooms

Our Energy Solutions for Hospitals

Building automation systems and HVAC improvements should be done in a hospital not only for energy saving but also for the quality of the service that is supplied by the hospitals.

  • It is possible to save energy up %25 with appropriate energy solutions
  • Building automation for hospitals is very important for energy efficiency and the building management of the hospital
  • Hospitals are the structures very energy is consumed in large amounts, as a result small amounts of energy savings may result in a significant decrease in operational costs.