Wind Energy

Did you know that you can sell the electrical energy produced from wind energy to 7,3 cent/ kWh and no tax will be applied up a production rate of 500 kilowatt hour?

Türkiye Rüzgar Atlası

Turkey Wind Potential Map – Click to see the big picture

Nowadays most of the countries all over the world invest on wind technologies for energy production . 21 % of the wind mill plants all around the world is located in China while 20,7 % is located in U.S.A. Wind Mill farms are growing up all around the world with increasing demand to energy.

We know the importance of clean energy and we built our energy solutions on wind. We offer a complete bankable wind measurement package for your wind energy investment plan. You can contact with us by just filling the contact form.

A Wind Story From Mallavi

William Kamkwamba from Mallavi was just 14 when he built his own windmill to supply electricity to his house and managed to generate 5 bulbs and a radio. He had no equipment but some ruins of bikes to use for construction and he had just one library to get information about how to make it. William Kamkwamba showed rest of the world that a 14 year old child may change the world.

Wind’s Future

Rüzgar Gülü - Don Kişot

Wind Mills has allways  been an important assistant to human being for centuries.

Rüzgar Enerjisi

People all around the world has made  a deal with wind. Wind made a promise to supply the energy needed for human being without damaging the nature.

Rüzgar Enerjisi - Sokak Aydınlatmaları

Wind Energy wil be the symbol of the world where people will live in clean environment.