Renewable Energy

Human being needs environmentally friendly solutions to maintain his/her technological development.

Renewable energy Renewable Energy

Nature consists of lots of infinite bio mechanisms and cycles that affect each other. When considered that % 80 of the greenhouse gases emission is a result of both energy consumption and energy generation, it is important to build both today’s and tomorrow’s energy politics on renewable energies to prevent climate change and reduce gas emissions. Human being needs environmentally friendly solutions to maintain his/her technological development.

Onur Energy knows the importance of building renewable technologies in energy generation and reducing greenhouse gas emission by 50 % till 2050s to  leave our grandchildren a clean world and offers you renewable and sustainable energy solutions.

6094 Sayılı Yenilenebilir Enerji Kanunu

Renewable Energy Law Legislation Number 6094 (Turkish)

Renewable Energy in Turkey

World has decided to supply it’s enegy needs from clean energies. Like most of the countries, Turkey also prepares clean energy strategies as Turkey’s energy policy.

Turkey Government has prepared a legislation about Renewable Energy. According to the legislation the unit prices of the electric generated from the reneable sources are given in the table below.


Production Type Based on the Renewable Source

Prices to be applied (USA cent/kWh)

Hydroelectric Production Process


Wind Energy


Geothermal Energy


Biomass used process


Solar Energy


Tomorrow’s Energy Solutions

Global warming and climate change are the major problems for all counties around the world that have to be hadled. World carries renewable energy solutions to the top of their energy solution alternatives  to make future’s world a better place to live.

International agreements such as Kyoto Protocole, more sensitive comunities about environmental problems and the decrease in the amount of natural sources drives countries all over the world to take resposibility on clean energy solutions and invest on renewable energy alternatives.


 After the great destruction in Japan earthquake, German Government decided to shut down their all nuclear plants in 10 years and now they are regulating their energy politics on sustainable and renewable energy solutions.