Wind Energy Projection From the View of Republic of Turkey Ministry of Energy and Natural Sources

| Tarih 18/11/2011 | Kategori : News

Wind energy is created when masses of air with differing temperatures switch places. Of the energy that reaches the earth from the sun, 1 to 2% is transformed to wind energy.

Wind turbines transform air current, which is of renewable nature, to electricity energy.

Since operation of wind turbines do not cause emission of any environmentally harmful gases, they play a very significant role in preventing climate change.

It is a domestic and ever-available resource which, unlike conventional power plants, eliminates fuel costs and fuel price related long-term risks from an energy safety perspective, and reduces dependency on other countries in terms of economic, political and supply-related risks.

But the fact that wind turbines occupy very large spaces, that they cause noise pollution, and quality issues about the energy produced by them are among their disadvantages.

World’s wind resource is estimated as 53 TWh/year, and presently the total installed wind energy power is 40.301 MW. One third of this power is in Germany. The amount of investment necessary for reaching the world wind energy target of 1,245 GW by 2020 is 692 billion Euros. By then, production costs are expected to decrease from 3,79 Euro-cents/kWh to 2,45 Euro-cents/kWh. Global business volume in wind turbines will increase from an annual 8 billion Euros to 80 billion Euros by 2020. In regions with a total potential of at least 48.000 MW and an annual average of 7,5 m/s, it is possible to make potentially economical investments over present prices.

With Turkey Wind Energy Potential Atlas (REPA), which was realized in 2007, it is calculated that our country has a minimum wind energy potential of 5.000 MW in regions with annual wind speed of 8,5 m/s and higher, and 48.000 MW with wind speed higher than 7,0 m/s.

Progress has been made in efforts for increasing installed wind energy power, which was at the level of a mere 18 MW as of 2004. Our installed power for wind energy reached the level of 802,8 MW as of the end of 2009. Upon taking effect of the Renewable Energy Law, licenses were granted to 93 new wind projects which deliver a total installed power of 3.363 MW. Out of these projects, powers plants which correspond to an installed power of 1.100 MW are presently under construction.