Energy Efficiency

We can save up % 30 of the energy that we consume annually back by making little difference in our consuming habits.


enerji-verimliliğiThe population of the world is growing year by year and the world needs more energy to meet the needs of increasing population with minimum cost and minimum environmental damage. Most of the countries are trying to build their energy politics on sustainable energy sources that are safe, environmentally friendly and cheap. However, not only increasing the amount of energy generation is a solution for meeting the needs but also decreasing the amount of energy consumed is important. The idea here is to use the energy efficiently, to do more with less and improve all the technological developments on the energy efficient devices and systems.

Energy Saving Tips for Homes

We can save up % 30 of the energy that we consume annually back by making little difference in our consuming habits. Energy efficiency is to use less energy to the same job. We can save energy in our homes, offices or schools by choosing energy efficient devices such as using fluorescent lamp instead of bulbs. When considered that annually 30 % of the energy consumption occurs in the buildings worldwide, the importance of making the buildings energy efficient will better be understood.


  • Locate refrigerators away from heaters
  • Iced  refrigerators spend more energy, melt iced parts of your refrigerator  when needed
  • Keep some space to the right left and back of the refrigerator
  • Keep away from sun lights
  • Make seasonal calibrations of the refrigerator when needed

Washing Machine

  • Keep some space to the right left and back of your washing machine when locating
  • Drying machines uses more energy, try to choose washing machines without drying
  • Do not use more detergent than the needed amount
  • Wash your clothes in economic program if they are not very dirty
  • Do not run your machine over capacity

Dish Washer

  • Take of meal leftovers from the dishes before placing them in to the machine
  • After washing is complete, try to dry your plates by opening your machine’s cover
  • Do not run your machine over capacity
  • Operate your machine at lower temperatures
  • Do not use more detergent than needed amonut


  • Hang your clothes properly
  • Pull out your iron’s plug 5 minutes before finishing the ironing, heat of the iron will be sufficient to iron the rest of the clothes
  • Arrange your iron’s mood to the type of the cloth
  • Try to chose an iron with thermostat


  • Do not open your oven’s cower quit a bit when using it.
  • Do not make pre heating when not needed
  • Do not thaw your frozen foods in oven. Keep them at room temperature for a while to thaw. Thawing foods at room  temperature is more healty than using oven
  • You can turn off your oven 5 minutes before cooking time, since oven is still hot cooking is carried out and you will save more energy.

General Tips for Energy Saving

  • Keep the moisture level of inner medias that will be heated at a range of 50-55 %
  • Use fluorescents  or LEDs for lighting
  • Try to manufacture electrical devices with high energy performance levels.
  • Clean your vacuum cleaner’s dust bag very often
  • Dry your hair with towel before using hair dryer
  • Try to yse solar systems to supply hot water
  • Do not leave your PC, television, DVD etc on stand by
  • Do not heat more water than needed amount
  • Minimize you shower time