Heat Pump

Heat Pump provides energy saving up to 80 % depending on the application


Countries like U.S.A and Canada uses heat pumps for more than 50 years. The principle of the heat pumps depends on the temperature difference between the ambient air and the medium or the temperature of the ground and the medium. In heat pumps, system water or system air is circulated in pipes and pumped to the desired floor with the help of a pump. Heat Pumps are widely used for heating in geothermal applications in most of the countries. Heat Pumps provide a decrease in the amount of energy consumption by 80 %.

Heat pump is patented in Switzerland in 1912 and since 1950s it has been widely used in villas and big buildings. With the decreasing manufacturing cost of heat pumps, it seems that heatpumps will be used very widely in a close future.

 Advantages of Heat Pump

  • Provides  energy saving up to 80 % depending on the application
  • The heat of soil and the air assessed
  • Decreases the demand to fossil fuels
  • Due to decrease in the use of fossil fuels, carbondioxide emission decreases

Heat Pump is mainly used in geothermal apllications both in Turkey and globally.